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Shipping Policy
Currently, all orders will be shipped via Registered DHL Express Services (Door to Door) or EMS offered by Hong Kong Post Office. We always prefer DHL because we have pretty good price cut from them, and it is much cheaper than other express services.
Order Processing: 1-7 days
DHL: 2-5 working days with online tracking no.
Speed Post/EMS: 4-7 working days with online tracking no.
Return items:
If there is a factory’s defective or damages during deliver process, the company will repair the damage for you or send you a replacement. Refund policy is not apply in this situation.
Loss package(s):
We are not response for the loss package(s); purchaser or consignee can request us to arrange insured shipment (we will pass to the courier) before send payment. The fee is 1% according from the invoice value or at a minimum for HK$80.00.